Wheels for Triumph TR6

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The work continues on our gorgeous TR6. Its recently received a new spare tire which is kept safely beneath a wooden door flap in the floor of the boot. When closed, the TR6’s boot looks neat and spacious.

Our Trim shop expert Kath has refurbished the steering wheel cover as well. This entails taking off the old one and marking out sections for the new cover. Once marked out, the two sides are sewn together and it is stretched over the wheel. The centre seam is levelled up with the centre. The two sides are then hand stitched together in a criss-cross stitch, pulling the thread tight at the stitch progresses.

When Kath reaches the end of the fabric, the thread is knotted and finished off. The centre cover was then attended to. This entailed cleaning the centre cap and re-glueing all the loose vinyl and sticking the centre back in place.

Once finished, the centre cover is wiped over, cap attached to the wheel with small fasteners and its ready to fit in the car.

Our electric specialist, Adam, has also been attending to the TR6 by re-wiring and fitting the radio. Now this beautiful Triumph is both ready for any road trip and its playlist.

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