What’s the Story? – Why the MG A is a Sports Car Icon

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Seeing as how our 1957 MG A Roadster is going to be won tomorrow, we thought we would take a look at some interesting facts about the MG A and why it is so important in the world of sports cars.

Firstly, the MG A was born with motorsports at its heart. In the years following WWII, MG wanted to be more involved in competition and gain a presence across the world at every level of motorsport. So, they began to develop sportscars with racing in mind which would ultimately lead to the creation of the MG A.

Another fact about the MG A’s past, it was always intended to be exported. Since the MG TD & TF’s, MG wanted more of a foothold in the American sports car market. Post-WWII, the Americans had experienced these new adventures in speed and handling thanks to the lightweight, nimble and progressive sportscars they had been exposed to during their time in Europe.

The MG A would be a new and radical departure from the pre-war and immediate post-war sports cars. Gone were the days of archaic and traditional handling, only to be replaced by new, modern ways of thinking. Fully independent suspension at the front for better control, and a new sleek and stylish body. Its chassis was an all-new affair, gone were the days of up-right and ‘traditional’ drivers positions – replaced with low-slung bucket seats for better feel.

Even the looks of the MG A are based in motorsport. The styling of the MG A was based on a 1951 Le Mans car. People were so taken aback by this new way of thinking and styling by MG that the car was green-lit for development.

So, in 1955 MG took the decision to debut its new sports car in full competition. 3 MG A 1500 Roadsters were entered into the 24 hours of Le Mans. 2 of the 3 cars would finish, proving their endurance and competitiveness.

From there, the legend of the MG A would only grow further. Beloved by club racers, speed junkies and back-road warriors throughout the generations. The MG A sits in a special place in a petrol-fuelled Shangri-La.

Now, it could be yours to experience all of this history, engineering and beauty rolled into one incredible bright red package. Enter now and you could win our 1957 MG A Roadster live at 7pm tomorrow night here on our Facebook page!

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