Weekend at Manor Park Classics

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

What a fantastic weekend we had at Manor Park Classics for their February 2024 classic auction. It’s the first time I’ve been and the second trip for Gordon and I must say, I’m super impressed with the venue and set up.

Being very interested in the media side of a business I was amazed, initially, on the broadcasting equipment and lighting they had set up in preparation for the live auction and the social media coverage going out throughout the two days. But let’s get down to business…the classic cars!

Check out the video of day 1 where I spent the afternoon having a look through the 3 halls of vehicles on display.

Then on the Saturday was big day itself, Auction Day.

We registered early doors to get our bidding card and whether the fact we were the first to register or the fact that we were mega important VIP’s, we got card number 1 which seemed to be the highlight of the weekend for Gordon.

We were greeted at the door by a very familiar face in the classic car world, Mr Paul Cowland from Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars who welcomed us with open arms and took us on a brief tour of the facilities.

We were here to buy and the 5hr trip was well worth it as the collection of cars on offer were very impressive. A total of 6 we had our eyes on…

We weren’t lucky enough to buy all 6 but that did mean we came back a little richer than we expected so it wasn’t a failure as we managed to grab 4 fantastic vehicles, 3 of which will be coming to a competition near you very soon.

Lovely to meet the team at Manor Park Classics, a special thank you to Paul Cowland for a personal guided tour which happened to start out in the men’s toilet of all places! Also, great to meet and have a brief chat with another legend in the world of classic cars, Drew Pritchard. We missed out on successfully winning his Beetle but there’s always next time!

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