TVR Chimaera’s Service

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our fantastic blue 1998 TVR Chimaera initially came in for a trim restoration and service however during the service, we’ve noticed some more serious issues that need addressing.

Mauro began the service by checking and replacing the standard elements such as the engine oil, spark plugs, and the oil and air filters. We discovered that there’s some serious damage to the fibreglass battery box that needs attending to as well as some re-wiring issues. Although we also hope service is straight forward, we understand that the importance of a service is to highlight any more serious issues that are less obvious.

There were some substantial wiring problems which needed attending to as some of the wires were at breaking point. Mauro has re-wired the TVR and replaced some of the wires.

We’ve reinforced the bolting of the battery box with fabricated plates and nuts welded to steel plates.

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