TVR Chimaera’s New Trim

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our trim department has been working hard to get the 1998 TVR Chimaera’s carpet, door panels and other pieces of fabric-to-metal trim stuck and bolted down.

Brian and Kath stripped the TVR out ready for fitting. They started by fitting the carpet to the rear side section where the seat belts fit. Next, they fitted the side sill carpets, wheel arch sections, and cut out the foam to go in rear cockpit section.

Once they had glued the foam into rear cockpit section, the team carefully fitted the back carpet to the rear section of the TVR. They then cut the speaker holes out, glued the bottom carpet to rear cockpit section and glued the carpet to the side of the tunnel. After this was completed, the team could complete the rear section and tunnel section. The speakers and air vent could then be refitted.

After fitting the console back in, Kath and Brian could cut and fit some plywood for the rear compartment covers. Once cut, the pieces could be glued to the carpet. Next up was fitting the underlay to the front footwell section and securing the front and rear carpets.

One of the more challenging parts of this trim restoration was removing the old carpet from the door panel as the bolts were particularly stiff on the door cards. The team glued the new carpet to the door panel and fitted it into to door, as well as fitting the outer section of the door panel to the door. The final touch was to refit the speakers.

We’ve also fitted the seat belts.

Kath identified some rust but we discovered that its only surface rust which can be treated on the surface by filling the holes with rubber flanges and flange sealant to then be primed and painted.

All of the old foam has been replaced with new fresh foam, carpet has been laid in the passenger footwell, the centre console has been cleaned and repaired where needed and the trim has been cut and fitted for the upper footwell.

The board surrounding the battery in the footwell has been modified to fit better and the trim has been replaced with the new fabric. Velcro was then carefully attached so that the board can be easily removed.

The rear carpet has been fitted as well as the door cards and door trim. The leather around the door car was also cleaned before re-fitting.

The boot carpet needed to be re-fit, as did the foam on top of the fuel tank.

Kath has worked on re-lining the TVR’s boot too. She’s taken out the old carpet and fitted a new one in as well as replacing the carpet around the fuel tank and spare tyre section. The boot lid carpet has also been replaced with fresh lining. The next step is to bolt in the seats and service the car.

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