1966 Triumph Vitesse 2L MK1 Convertible

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The full restoration was carried out in our Ipswich workshops and there are hundreds of photographs detailing this concours rebuild at all stages.

As you will see by the photographs, the car has been totally dismantled and has been subject to a full concours nut and bolt restoration.

The box chassis is prone for rust and its method of construction is it’s weakness. As you can see by many of the photographs available, the chassis has been totally rebuilt to concours standards.

The car is finished in white with red trim, convertible roof and carpets.

The dashboard and door cappings are refinished in walnut burr to Rolls Royce standards.

We have modified the Mk1 dashboard by removing the ashtray, resitting the switching and we have installed more dials in keeping with its era.

It is a lovely modification and makes the car stand out in the crowd.

The chrome is either rechromed or brand new.

The internals of the engine, gearbox and carbs are totally rebuilt and detailed to concours condition.

All running gear has been renewed or replaced to concours standard.

New wiring loom, electrics, upgraded lights and alternator.

The car has  been upgraded where possible with modern fitments whilst ensuring no loss of any originality.

There are a choice of wheels as we have colour coded GT6 wheels in black and white or there are the original wheels with hubcaps. 

All have new tyres.

A Vitesse rebuilt to this standard ensures show winning capability or just a sound investment for the future.

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