Triumph Stag’s New Antlers

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our trim shop has been working hard to replace the soft top on our Triumph Stag. The original soft top was a rather tired-looking brown material that has been replaced with a new black material.

The process began by peeling off all the flaps that were holding the original fabric roof in place. Lydia then had to slide the rubbers out of all the metal slides around the edges and take off the old straps that went across the top of the frame which were held in by rivets. She then replaced the straps and rivetted them in place. After the straps had been replaced, Lydia could then glue on new Velcro to the sides of the frame. This is where the front sides of the fabric roof attach to. Then Lydia wrapped the front of the frame with vinyl and glued it all down, finishing the step by trimming around the mechanisms that push the roof into place and out again at the front.

The next step was to wrap and glue the vinyl around the back frame, rivet the metal slides on the sides of the frame, back and front, before sliding the rubber seals into them. Brian had also fitted new rubbers and handled the gluing process of the new hood.

Brian glued the rear flap of fabric to the rear metal bar as well as the front edge of the hood to the front roof bar. Once fixed into position, he could then glue the inside fabric around the roof bars and fix the ‘b’ post to the frame.

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