With the security and safety of a classic car high on every owners priority list, Bridge Classic Cars offers a bespoke and professionally installed tracking system for that peace of mind welcomed by many drivers.

The trackers are discretely wired into the car by a specialist team who set up the system and work with the owners to make sure the details and the security are a perfect fit for them and their car.

Many modern tracking systems work alongside or separate to immobiliser systems or alarms and are a perfect way of easing that feeling of knowing where your precious classic is at all times of the day.

This type of upgrade is perfect for classic car ownership as should you wish, the entire system can be removed from the car in total and the vehicle put back to standard without the need for fabrication and refitting work.

The system that Bridge Classic Cars offer is very low powered to minimise the risk of battery drainage while the vehicle is being stored over those long winter months or even while it is receiving work or upgrades. And, again will give you the peace of mind to know exactly where the car is.

Some of the benefits of upgrading to a power assisted steering system for your classic car are:

  • Reduced battery drainage compared to immobilisers and alarm systems
  • Peace of mind and ease of installation handled by a specialist team
  • Live data on the cars location 24/7
  • Reversible upgrade should you wish the car to be returned to standard.

For more information on how we can help, give our friendly team a call on 01473 742038 or email