TR6 Interior Triumph

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our gorgeous 1973 Triumph TR6 interior restoration is now complete.

The car itself is back at home with her owner Nigel. Meanwhile our specialist in-house trim shop team, Kath and Brian, have been working hard at creating this stunning diamond stitched maroon and grey leather interior.

This unique stitch work was the vision of Nigel, who came to us with little more than a simple sketch on a piece of A4. He had already made up his mind on the colour combination he wanted, to compliment the exterior paintwork he’s also having done.

The final threads were sewn earlier today and… Wow! What a fantastic end result! We cannot wait to see these interior works of art in their new home, snug within our maroon 1973 Triumph TR6. We’ll have to wait for Nigel to bring her back once fitted to show her off, we’re so looking forward to it!

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