TR5 Interior Continued

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Brian has completed restoring the frame of our Triumph TR5 seats and has installed a reclining hinge joint. He made this element by hand out of plywood and fitted it inside the chair. The fabric was then glued, heated to make the glue go tacky, and pulled over the new joint,

Brian explains how he made new side band boards to allow cover to fit around recliner mechanism as well as making new rubber straps using the original hooks and fitting it all to the frame.

Brian has then fitted the squab foam in place and added new foam to the back of the frame. He managed to slide the cover over the frame and glue the centre section to foam. Brian then glued the centre section in place, and tucked in the flaps on the side sections. Once fitted, he could pull the centre flap through and clip it down to the frame. To finish, Brian fitted the side board mechanisms in place and glued them down.

The hood frame has been completed for our 1968 Triumph TR5 and is now ready for it’s hood to be fitted.

We’ve also fitted the crash padding into the door of our TR5. Originally, there was no way of fitting padding so we had here is means of fitting this to make a backing plate which involved cutting a strip of steel welding in studs and glueing and screwing the steel strip to the crash pad. We then located the position on the door to drill and bolt to the top of the door.

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