The Indestructible Toyota

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Today we welcomed another new project in that will commence in the coming weeks. This 1996 Toyota HiLux is in need of quite some work and restoration, but no job is too big for us here at Bridge! This Hilux needs a chassis restoration and cab refurbishment. We aim to tackle the buck later down the line.

The HiLux models are incredibly reliable and practical for 4×4 pursuits, whether that be farming, off-roading or trade work. Some may remember a similar HiLux receiving an unforgiving battering on Top Gear, who proceeded to prove just how indestructible these vehicles really are. Craig tells us that he worked with this car during his career at the BBC: “I worked there as part of my placement but you couldn’t get anywhere near the vehicle when on set due to the amount of toxic chemical residue left it.”

Here’s some shots of our indestructible HiLux in its current condition:

A donor car if required…

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