The oversized number plate arrives

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

It’s all about the finishing touches…so when our original number plates arrived from Sheldrake and Wells in Ipswich, before we committed to fitting them onto the vehicle we offered them up to the bodywork to see how they looked.

The front stickers looks fantastic but the rear just didn’t look right so it was back time to come up with a plan be.

We remembered from our previous experience with the Jensen 541S restoration that oversized number were available on the market so we looked into what size these were produced in.

Luckily the oversized number plates that are produced for the classic vehicles are 520mm x 150mm which was the perfect size for what we required so we decided to get them re-produced.

Original Raised Number Plate Ordered

Jaguar E-Type Raised Number Plates

New Oversized Number Plate Ordered

Jaguar E-Type Oversized Raised Number Plates

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