The Jensen Gets A Fitting Treatment

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Class car technician Scott has been looking after our 1957 Jensen 541R this week. He’s been doing a bit of everything, working through a varied check list of parts to fit.

“I’ve put the rear 1/4 windows in” Scott explains “I figured out placement of the catches too, so they work with the window and then I fitted them.”

Scott then worked out the placement of the door wing mirrors. Once confident with their position, he then drilled holes and fitted them into place.

Scott’s also fitted the new Jensen horn. He’s then made a start on the windscreen system.

“Firstly, I worked out a suitable place to mount the screen wash bottle” he describes. “I fabricated a little mount bracket then fitted the screen wash bottle.”

Scott then marked out where the hole for the washer jet should go. Once happy with it’s position, he drilled the hole and fitted the washer jet component. Scott then connected all the screen wash pipework under the bonnet, securing the pipes in nice and tidily.

Scott’s then sorted some other jobs on the Jensen doors. “I fitted the chrome door trim” he tells us. “I’ve also fabricated a bump stop for the windows.” The bump stop is a small rubber part that acts as a cushion for when the widow is wound right down. This helps protect the glass and the internal mechanism from hitting into one another and causing damage.

All this little job help bring the Jensen to life, making the car user-friendly and comfortable. Great job Scott!

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