The Batmobile (AKA: Jensen 541R)

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The interior of our 1960 Jensen 541R has had a visit to our in-house trim shop this week. The customer is going full-black exterior and interior. Kath and Brian, our trim experts, have been hard at work fitting all the interior trim right through the car.

First up, the sound deadening was glued and fitted to the metal body. This helps reduce the amount of road and engine noise while driving the car. Essential for classics, who’s engines are much loader than standard modern cars.

“I also made a template for the base of the seat” Kath explains “then glued that in and trimmed it up.” Kath also made templates around the foot well and pedals in a similar fashion. “First the sound deadening goes down” she tell sus “then I fitted the carpet in and glued it into position.” The carpet gets fitted all round the sides of the footwell so the edges are tucked away and look clean.

Carpet is also fitted around the handbrake gaiter. Kath’s also fitted the seatbelt eyes into position and cut the carpet to fit snug around them.

“I’ve then cut carpet for the foot wells and door sills.” Kath explains. The door sill carpet was then positioned and glued.

Kath then had to bind round the foot well carpets. Kath marked the position of the carpet fittings and fitted it into the car.

Leather is then fitted around the seat frame base.

The colour combination for our 1960 Jensen is black, on black, on black. Perhaps our customer is secretly a vampire, or maybe Batman? Who knows!

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