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Stopping Power – New Discs, Pads and Calipers on the 1968 Triumph TR5

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been addressing some issues with the 1968 Triumph TR5, starting with the brakes.

The team have removed the old pads, discs and calipers from the classic Triumph for brand new units to help with the stunning convertible stop properly. Once the old units were off the car, the team could also thoroughly inspect all the suspension and running gear on the car.

This Just In – 1968 Triumph TR5

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop have welcomed our latest arrival – a 1968 Triumph TR5.

The workshop will be carrying out a full inspection and assessment on the classic Triumph convertible and reporting back their findings.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon for more updates on the 1968 Triumph TR5.