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Bridge Classic Cars Movie Night At The Riverside Theatre

Come and join the Bridge Classic Cars team for our first-ever movie night at The Riverside in Woodbridge.

We have teamed up with our local cinema to host a screening of the 1969 classic ‘The Italian Job’. The evening will begin at 7 pm when attendees can park their classic cars and spend some time admiring the other special vehicles that have made the trip.

The A Listers will also be open where drinks will be available to make sure you are comfortable and ready for the screening to start at 7:45 pm.

‘The Italian Job’ stars Michael Caine as the mastermind behind a plan to steal a shipment of gold from the streets of Turin in Italy. Benny Hill co-stars as the computer expert who causes a traffic jam to create the ideal situation for the heist to take place.

This is your chance to watch the original version of an iconic film, that has been remade several times, surrounded by classic cars and other like-minded enthusiasts.

If you’re a classic Mini fan, ‘The Italian Job’ will certainly give you plenty of opportunity to admire some great examples on the big screen.

Tickets are available on The Riverside website.

Any queries: please contact Lily at Bridge Classic Cars at