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Nostalgia – Found in the History File of our 1934 Riley 9 Lynx

More often than not, in the history files of our cars here at Bridge Classic Cars we’ll find some little gems that help to build and understand the story of a particular car.

This time, we found a few loose photos and a drawing from inside the history file of our 1934 Riley 9 Lynx. The car was exported from the UK to South Africa before many years later making its way back home to us. Well, thanks to the photos we now know that was the 10th of March 1973 in Southampton. The car was literally driven to the docks and loaded up, bound for its new life.

A life that we could see in another photo with our friend John behind the wheel. John was the previous owner of the car before us and loved his pre-war Riley. So much so, that we also found a cartoon of the car dated from 2004 which shows John and some friends huddled around the car with what appears to be an Ostrich in the back seat…

It’s always amazing when we find these little nuggets of nostalgia locked away within the paperwork of the car. These hidden treasures tell as much of the story as the invoices, receipts, notes etc. We love it when we find these types of bits and pieces.

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