£1bn was a lot of money in those days – Gerald Ratner

‘So we ended up owing the bank £1bn…

’£1bn was a lot of money in those days’

One of the many beautifully timed, quick-witted quotes from Gerald Ratner this morning. He had the entire room fixated, hooked on hearing the fascinating story of the moment his infamous 1991 speech very quickly crushed his entire fortune. A real and true insight but so hilariously told.

A huge thank you to Josh Yasar and the whole team at Pound Gates for organising a brilliant breakfast networking event. Both myself and Gordon had a brilliant time and could relate to so many of the fascinating stories that Gerald told…fortunately for us, not the infamous one!

Lovely to meet so many new contacts and to see some familiar faces too. A fantastic turn out and an event you should be very proud of.

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