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Refinements – Refining the Tonneau Cover on the 1932 Lagonda 3 Litre Tourer

Ahead of its final version, the trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on refining the shape and form of the tonneau cover on the 1932 Lagonda Tourer.

The team made a draft of the cover out of paper, which was then transferred onto vinyl which was used to check for stretch and overall fitment. Once the team and the client was happy with the overall shape and quality, it could then be refined further to perfectly tailor the cover to the car.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has worked on making sure the stitches and seems all fall and meet in the right place for the best result. Also, checking to make sure that the opening to the clips that hold the cover down are in the right place and not overly sized in order for the cover to remain tight once on the car.

After this, it was transferred onto the black mohair which will make up the final version of this bespoke piece for the car.