Pre-War MG specialist

Ready for Business – Completing Work on the 1934 MG PA

All of the works on the 1934 MG PA have been completed by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration teams just in time for the beautiful pre-war sports car to be used over the summer.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on this classic MG from front to back. The first updates are the new spotlights that adorn the beautiful chrome lightbar between the front wings which now have its all-important touring badges. These were wired into the car to make the car more useable and keep to the era, our director Gordon sourced these period-correct pieces specifically for the car.

The next changes to the classic MG PA happen in the cockpit. The team have worked on fitting the new dials and gauges into the car. The new temperature dial is connected to the new temperature sender to make sure the overall health of the car is easily visible. Along with that, the Breitling stopwatch has been fitted to the dash. This is an important part of the cabin as this style of stopwatch would have been used in classic rallying. To improve the useability and safety of the car, the team have fitted the PA with modern lap belts. A key safety component for any vintage car is to make sure the seat belts are made of the latest tear-resistant fabrics to make sure that even with the fun of driving, it’s still safe.

With all of these bits now finished on Gordon’s 1934 MG PA, it’s ready to be used over the summer. Keep an eye out for updates on this wonderful car’s travels.