pre-war car

A Closer Look At A Pre-War Classic

Our 1926 Clyno has been in the care of classic car technician Steve as he has been inspecting the vehicle to see what work needs to be completed while it is here with us in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Steve noticed that the wire from the nearside rear light is corroded and the offside front shackle grease nipple is missing.

Work will start on resolving these issues, and any others that arise along the way very soon.

Tailored to Suit – The Tonneau and Hood Cover on the 1932 Lagonda Tourer

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have carefully tailored the new tonneau and hood cover specifically for the 1932 Lagonda Tourer in with us.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has worked on refining the patterns for both pieces and in terms of the hood cover revised the entire piece to envelope the entire hood frame within the piece. These have been checked and double-checked before being transferred onto mohair.

Once on the final material, Lydia could make tight-fitting pieces perfectly tailored to suit the pre-war convertible with a single zip running up the centre to close the interior once the clips are pressed onto the body.

Updated – Lamps for the 1905 Riley 9HP Updated and Refinished

The lamps from the 1905 Riley 9HP have arrived back at the workshop of the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ and they look absolutely phenomenal. And, they’re hiding a small surprise.

Along with the lamps being sent off to a specialist to be entirely refurbished and reconditioned, we have taken the decision to have them upgraded to run much newer electric bulbs inside of the classic shells. This upgrade will be a welcome one for if the car is ever used in the darker hours of the day and also for the safety of the car instead of the use of paraffin or other gasses/fuels used to light and run the original lamps over 110 years ago.

With the shells, the finish on the refurbishment is truly incredible. It’s such a joy to see what these would have potentially looked like at the turn of the last century as this Riley left the production workshop.

A Rare Find – Finding the Original Radiator for our 1905 Riley 9hp

Sometimes there is such a thing as fate. Thanks to the incredible work of Hilary Mackay at Beech Auctions, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for the 1905 Riley 9hp is back on its way to rejoining the car.

During a house clearance, Hilary came across an old radiator tucked away. Thanks to her exceptional knowledge of vintage and antique objects, she identified it to be pre-1920s. With the Riley mark on the radiator shell, she looked online to see about pre-1920s Riley’s and came across our project. Seeing as how there are only 3 9hp’s left in existence, it was deduced that this could in fact be our missing radiator.

With that, Bridge Classic Cars had to get hold of it.

Now with it on its way to our Pettistree Workshop, we cannot thank Hilary enough for her help and tracking us down to let us know this rare find and even rarer opportunity.

Check Over – Inspecting the 1929 Dodge Brothers DA

Bridge Classic Cars have got this incredible pre-war 1929 Dodge Brothers DA in our Suffolk workshop to begin the inspection of this beautiful dark blue tourer.

Our in-house restoration technician Paul has been busy giving this classic a full check over to highlight any areas that will need attention for it to be safely driven and mechanically reliable. Paul noted that the fuel system will need attention along with the brakes. Apart from that, the Dodge is in remarkable condition for its age.

With this, our in-house teams are currently sourcing either new parts or specialists at the top of the field in refurbishing units needed.

This Just In – 1929 Dodge DA

This beautiful 1929 Dodge Brothers DA is the latest arrival into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

This car is due to be inspected and assessed by our in-house restoration teams to bring this stunning pre-war Dodge up to scratch. The teams will go through each aspect of the car and report back on their findings.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage for more updates on the 1929 Dodge Brothers DA.