porsche boxter hood

Repair vs Re-new: Porsche Boxter

Having recently attended our Classic Car Show the owner of this Porsche Boxter has asked for our help and assistance on some remedial works required on his electric hood.

The clear perspex rear screen is coming away from the hood itself so needs re-attaching. Brian has had a closer look and in order for this to be repaired properly the roof will have to come off the car. Brian feels that re-attaching the existing screen to the hood may only be a temporary fix as the existing holes may be duplicated and therefore the new stitching may not be as tight and secure second time around.

With the entire hood being removed is there an argument to say ‘just replace the hood with one off the shelf?’ The most cost effective solution would be to do this. A bespoke hood manufactured would not be required as there are companies out there that have already produced the hood from a pattern so rather than reinventing the wheel go with a company that has been there and done that!

At the end of the day, the hardest bit is removing and fitting the hood so to fit a brand new one that is beautifully tight would give you the best results.