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Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 2021 FB Mondial 300

The latest addition to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions line-up is this amazing 2021 FB Mondial 300. A retro-inspired sports bike that looks as good as it rides.

After being inspected by the workshop to check over each and every system on the bike, it was time to get it out to our filming location to get everything ready for the next competition.

This photoshoot was unique, in that it involved multiple riders. For this competition, we teamed up with the awesome Bike Like a Mum. Karina is a friend of Bridge Classic Cars who began her journey into the world of motorcycle riding and is documenting it across her social media channels.

Karina was the first rider. Although she had countless hours on her loyal 125cc, we got her to grab the 249cc sports bike by the scruff of the neck to film with. Throughout her time with the bike, she noted just how easy and long-legged this particular bike was and just how easy it was for a beginner rider to get to grips with and build up their confidence.

After that, it was time for Hayley’s turn on the FB Mondial 300. She jumped straight on and within a minute was comfortable with the motorbike to begin filming. During the shoot, Hayley also noted just how smooth and easy the bike feels going down the road for any rider of any experience.

Finally, our director Craig put his leathers on and had a go on the jet black retro-motorcycle down the runway of our filming location. And just like everyone who had ridden it, he came back smiling.

Check out Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website to enter now for this unique opportunity that Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is offering along with this gorgeous motorcycle.