Morris minor UK

Gone Through – Working on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The 1969 Morris Minor Convertible, which arrived recently at Bridge Classic Cars, has been in the workshop for our team to take a look at.

To begin with, the team have replaced the fuel pump and filter on the classic Morris Minor to make sure that it was getting all the fuel it needed after the team had noted the original pump had corroded around the connectors. After that, the team adjusted the brakes on the car before it could go out on road test. At the same time, they found a nail in the tyre! Thankfully, the nail hadn’t pierced the tyre but had got stuck in one of the grooves.

After this, the car could be road tested.

Final Pieces – Final Metal Repairs on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been finishing off the final metal repairs to the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible before it is handed over to our paint and body team.

The team have finished up the repairs needed to the driver’s side rear quarter panel frame and sill before welding in the new patch panel into the body of the classic Morris. Once completed, the team could move on to getting the doors of the car repaired.

The door of the car required several new pieces to be welded in to remove any corrosion. The bottoms of the doors required a new piece from front to rear which was welded in to seal up the door ready for the body team to work on.

Next, the front valance and wings were then worked on with some small repairs done to fix a few areas in the valance and the replacement wings were trimmed and refined in order to get the best fit possible for the restoration of the classic Morris Minor Convertible.

Now, the car will be transferred from the fabrication shop over to our in-house paint and body department to be worked on.

Dazzling – New Brightwork on the 1968 Austin Morris Minor Van

This beautiful 1968 Morris Minor Van has been in the Bridge Classic Cars body shop to have its new brightwork kit fitted to get it looking even better!

The Morris Minor Van’s original chrome had begun to pit and tarnish, so the team sourced a new replacement kit for the front end of the classic Van. Carefully, each of the pieces was removed from the fascia of the Morris in order to remove the front grille from the car.

The front grille pieces were taken to the bench and also cleaned up and certain pieces of panel work straightened to get the car in the best shape possible. Then, each section of brightwork was refitted to the car in a specific order until the front of the classic Morris Minor Van looked near enough brand new.

The finishing touch was the new bright, shiny hubcaps.