morris mini interior

Eva’s Handbrake Gaiter

Kath has been making the handbrake gaiter for our 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe, ‘Eva’. Kath made this by measuring out a pattern against the old on and working new leather into a gaiter to mimic the old version.

Carpet Modifications On The Mini

Our trim shop are continuing to work with the 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe. Currently Kath is working to modify the main footwell carpet to allow for the headlight dip switch to sit comfortably in the trim. Kath has had to measure up hole and where it will sit on the carpet.

Little Eva’s New Interior

Our 1961 Morris Mini Delux has had some extra refurbishments recently. It needed the carpet neatened and new footwell mats.

Our trim shop made templates, marked out the correct measurements on the carpet material, cut it out and marked out the binding, they then sewed on a heel mat to the footwell mats and fitted all the pieces in. The base carpets also needed regluing.

The finished work has left Little Eva looking very smart.