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Details – Inspecting and Servicing the 1964 Morgan 4/4

The technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ have been busy inspecting and servicing the 1964 Morgan 4/4 in with us.

The team have begun the service on the classic Morgan, this also involved the inspection and adjustment of the drum brakes.

Then, the team began to look into a couple of issues noted on the car by its owner. Firstly, the team looked into an issue with the car starting. Although some of the connections were slightly loose from the battery, the team have put on order several new parts for the ignition system to try and fix the issue.

Along with that, the team found a split radiator hose in the car.

When the new pieces arrive and are fitted to the car, the team can begin the process of reinstalling and retesting the car to make sure it starts consistently and perfectly each time.

This Just In – 1964 Morgan 4/4

This beautiful 1964 Morgan 4/4 has just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ. We’ve previously worked on this classic Morgan late last year, fitting a new exhaust manifold and before that fitted a new wiring harness to the car.

This time, the car has come to our technicians for them to complete a list of jobs on the classic sportscar. Firstly, the team will complete a service on the car whilst looking into a couple of issues. The owner has noted the car has been struggling to start occasionally and the temperature gauge seems to not be working correctly either. The team will get this completed to make sure this stunning classic Morgan is in the best shape possible.