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Winners Circle – Winners of the 1997 Rover Mini Come to Meet Their Car

We welcomed David and Bonnie to the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ to meet their new classic! The 1997 Rover Mini.

We couldn’t wait to see their reaction to meeting the bright red Mini in the flesh and it didn’t disappoint.

We want to wish them both many happy and safe miles with the little Mini and can’t wait to see the adventures it goes on.

Strip Down – Cleaning Out the Carburettor on our 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe ‘Little Eva’

As part of getting our 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe ‘Little Eva’ in perfect running order, the Bridge Classic Cars team have stripped and cleaned the carburettor.

Our technician Jon has been carefully taking apart the part and clearing out every passage and venturi to make sure the fuel and air can pass through unchallenged by any dirt or debris that may have built up during its time in storage.

Coming Soon – 1997 Rover Mini 1275

Coming soon to the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this fun 1997 Rover Mini 1275.

The car will come into the workshop for our restoration teams to inspect and assess once it arrives.

Keep an eye out very soon for more on the 1997 Rover Mini 1275.

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1993 Rover Mini Sprite

After having its inspection and being given a clean bill of health by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop, it was time to pull our latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize out and shoot some photos of it.

That’s right, the next competition from Bridge Classic Cars is this beautiful 1993 Rover Mini Sprite. An iconic and well adored classic that almost everyone has a connection to in some way or another. The happy little 1275cc 4-cylinder buzzes along and the sound from the stainless steel sports exhaust bounced off the trees and concrete angles at our secure storage facility as it was taken over to our shooting location.

The tiny wheelbase and wider wheels, thanks to its upgrade to the later Sportback specification, allowed the bright white classic Mini to change direction and talk back to the driver. Letting them know exactly what was going on beneath them.

And from this evening, you’ll be able to enter for your chance of winning the 1993 Rover Mini! Just click the link below.

Click here to enter the 1993 Rover Mini competition.

In The Sun – The Team C Racing Classic Mini Painted

The Team C Racing Mini, which has recently been in the Bridge Classic Cars paint booth, has been in the paint shop curing overnight. So, with the weather looking perfect the team thought we’d grab some photos of it out in the sun.

This is the first stage of getting the classic Mini into colour. It still needs to be cut back and polished but it looks absolutely brilliant.

Finished in Colour – Painting the Team C Racing Classic Mini Shell

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth has recently had the body shell of the Team C Racing classic Mini in to begin the process of getting the car into colour.

Chris, along with the rest of the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team, have been getting the body shell of the classic Mini into the best shape possible before it heads into the booth. Every surface on the car, from top to bottom, has been meticulously prepared and cleaned down before being moved into the booth.

Coat by coat, Chris built up the layers of deep brown on the inside and outside of the shell of the Mini. Then, he could turn his attention to the roof of the car. For this, he had to re-mask the rest of the car before re-priming and laying down the white which gives this Mini its classic look.

RaptorGuard – The Underside of the Team C Racing Mini Shell RaptorGuarded

The paint shop inside of Bridge Classic Cars have sealed the bottom of the classic Mini for Team C Racing.

The underside of the Mini was hand sanded to make sure the surface was perfect before it was handed over to the paint team. Chris has tinted the RaptorGuard to match the colour intended for the rest of the body but is much harder wearing and more durable than normal paint.

Primed and Ready – Team C Racing Mini in Primer

The body shell and panels for the Team C Racing classic Mini has moved from the Bridge Classic Cars body shop to the paint booth ready to be shot in primer.

With the body and panels cleaned down thoroughly and masked up, Chris could begin the process of getting the classic Mini into primer ahead of its colour change. Several coats of primer were laid onto the body before it is taken back to the body shop to have more delicate sanding done to ensure the best finish on the shell for our friends over at Team C Racing.

This Just In – 1993 Rover Mini Sprite

Just arrived into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop is this incredible 1993 Rover Mini Sprite.

This classic Mini will go through our restoration departments to inspect and assess the car to see if anything needs doing on it.

Apart from its arrival photos, the previous owner sent us over some photos of this stunning little 1993 Rover Mini and some of the work done to it.

Preparations – Preparing the Team C Racing Mini Shell

The Team C Racing classic Mini shell has been in with the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team in preparation for its new colour scheme.

Our paint and body restoration technician Mauro has worked on preparing the classic Mini. The car arrived into us in grey primer, but the team have begun body sanding the entire shell to make sure that every curve and panel is in perfect shape before it finally gets its new colour.

The shell, after being sanded, has been taken into the booth and prepared for its next round of primer and sanding in the pursuit of perfection.

This Just In – Team C Racing Classic Mini

The newest arrival to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Pettistree HQ is the first of the 3 classic Mini shells that the restoration teams will be working on for our friends at Team C Racing.

This car will be worked on by our paint and body teams to be transformed into a brown body/white roof classic Mini for Team C.

Keep a lookout on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on this classic Mini.