MGB service

Fixing The Leak – Leak from the Rear End of the 1975 MGB GT V8

Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technician, Mauro, has been investigating a leak from the rear differential of the 1975 MGB GT V8.

Mauro found the seal/gasket on the rear end had deteriorated over time and was allowing the rear end to weep slightly. So, with a new gasket ordered as well as the correct spec and weight of gear oil, Mauro got to work on sorting out the issue and getting this fantastic deep red sports car back to perfect running and driving for its new owner.

MGB PDI and Service

Our beautiful Iris Blue MGB was recently won however before we can drop it off at the winners house, we need to carry out a service, pre-delivery inspection and a handful of repairs to ensure its in perfect condition.

Scott has checked all fluids, fitted a new hub seal, rev counter cable and fixed the overdrive.

MGB V8 Carb Strip

Ady has been stripping the carbs down on our MGB V8 so that he can inspect, clean and put them back together.

MGB GT V8 Engine Strip

Ady has stripped the engine of our 1973 MGB GT V8 so he can diagnose the issue with it.

MGB Tundra In For Service

This classic tundra MGB Roadster is in for a simple check up and service as it has been stored with us since its completion.

1968 MGB GT Arrival

This beautiful red 1968 MGB GT has come in for some TLC. The owner dropped it off with a list of adjustments and fixes that need doing. The jobs include attending to the brakes, prop shaft, dashboard electrics, issues with starting and a general service.

MGB Roadster’s Service

Our darling 1963 MGB Roadster is currently up on our new ramp having a thorough inspection. Mauro has identified an issue with the speedo not working as well as an oil leak. Asides from this he will check the brakes, gearbox and differential.