MGB restoration suffolk

In Order – Fitting and Fixing Trim Pieces on the 1978 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars has been working their way through several pieces of trim on the 1978 MG B GT.

This is a full ground-up restoration on the classic MG B, so the team is going through every single piece on the car, starting with the quarter light window.

The team have been repairing the mountings for the quarter light window which Rob has carefully cleaned up and replaced the hardware and get fitted back into the car after cleaning up and polishing the brightwork.

With the window frame now complete in place, Rob could fit up the door cap onto the door.

Then, it was time to get the rear bumpers back together. Each of the pieces has been inspected and test fit before being finally built up and installed onto the car.

Primed & Ready – Getting the 1978 MG B GT Ready for Paint

The body shop team at Bridge Classic Cars have handed over the 1978 MG B GT to our in-house paint team to get the classic sports car ready for colour!

The team have been working on refining the lines and form of the MG B GT in our body prep area before it was taken into the paint prep bay to be thoroughly cleaned down for its final stages of primer and reworking.

The team always make sure that every panel is inspected and checked over before the car enters the booth and any dust or debris is removed from the car before mask up and again afterwards. The team then could use Polyfan on the shell to recheck for any low spots once it has been sanded off the body and any adjustments made.

Then after another clean-down, it was taken into the boot/oven once more for the final primer to be laid. Whilst the primer was curing, the team could begin to seam seal the boot and engine bay of the classic M B and another layer of primer laid down in those areas.