MG B GT V8 specialist

Root Cause – Getting to the Bottom of the 1975 MG B GT V8’s Oil Leak

The 1975 MG B GT V8 has come back to visit the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for the team to have a look at an oil leak reported by the owner of the car, Roger, who won the car from us back in December.

The car has been used and enjoyed by Roger but after a drive noticed an oil leak coming from the B GT V8 and had it looked at by another garage locally to him who unfortunately didn’t seem to find the problem. So, Roger asked if the car could be looked at by the team here.

Once it arrived and our technician Jon got it onto a ramp, he could see the oil sump had taken a considerable hit at some point and he suspects this had caused the gasket to partially blow out due to the edges (which make up the mating surface for the gasket) to roll outwards and not seal correctly.

So, the team cleaned out the original sump for the car and carefully cleared off the paper gasket to begin reshaping the sump whilst we waited for the new cork-style gasket to be delivered. Once it arrived in stock, Jon could fit the new replacement gasket and fit the cleaned and reshaped sump to the underside of the V8 and top up with fluids.