Jensen white lady

Original Number Plates Of The White Lady

The White Lady is a very special car. It was the first-ever car made by the Jensen brothers all the way back in 1935.

The owner of The White Lady and friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Joerg, recently had the original number plates of this impressive car refurbished by Tippers Classic & Vintage Plates.

It is great to see the original components of this beautiful car restored and bought back to life for future generations to enjoy.

The White Lady will always be a stunning car and, with the addition of the restored number plates, she will look better than ever.

Her Majesty – The Jensen White Lady Has Been Restored

Close friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Joerg, has recently completed this absolutely beautiful restoration on a very special car.

He has recently completed the complete and total restoration of the Jensen White Lady. The White Lady is the very first prototype, car number 1. Not a prototype for a model, but for Jensen itself. The Jensen Brothers created the car in 1934/1935, an entirely handbuilt and beautiful touring body.

The car has had an amazing and storied past. Sold in 1936, it was recommissioned in around 1957 before being put up for sale around Bristol. It was then bought by a Canadian gentleman, who organised the White Lady to be transported over to Canada at the end of 1957 before arriving in early 1958 with the cold weather had damaged the engine block. The car was used in Canada throughout the 1960s and into the early 1970s, in the mid-1970s the car was stripped back to its bare aluminium with all intentions of being fully restored. There is sat until 2016 when it was bought by a collector and restorer.

The car then made its way back over the Atlantic into the hands of our friend Joerg, who is a world authority on the Jensen marque. He has been building up the car and putting it back to its original specification complete with Ford V8 and exquisite white paintwork which gave the car its original name.

And now, thanks to Joerg’s hard work and dedication, the White Lady is once again back in full splendour.

The First Ever Jensen Automobile: “The White Lady”

Customer, and friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Joerg has sent us these wonderful photos of his beautiful Jensen.

Built in 1935, this was the first vehicle ever produced by the Jensen brothers. They named her the White Lady and that name has stuck with the vehicle to this day.

A truly special automobile, This prototype (Chassis number S1/3799) is powered by a 3.6L Ford V8 which is mated to a three speed manual gearbox. Due to the dual-ratio rear end the white lady effectively had six gears.

What a stunning piece of history! We’re pleased to see this vehicle in the hands of such a huge Jensen enthusiast.