jensen restorations

The Level of Detail – Recovering the Dash and Ceiling Pad of the 1956 Jensen 541

It’s the small details on a restoration that we believe take it to a world-class finish. Interiors are a huge part of the experience of these cars for their very lucky owners as it’s the best seat in the house in our opinion. That’s why our in-house trim shop takes everything to the next level in terms of fit and finish.

Brian, one of our in-house trim experts here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been hard at work stripping down and recovering several of the larger components for the 1956 Jensen 541. Brian began by stripping back the original dash and ceiling pads ready for them to be recovered in matching red leather to the rest of the interior. Carefully, Brian worked his magic on revealing the original piece that lay under the weathered coverings for assessment.

The pieces themselves were in remarkable shape. So, very little was needed before they were prepared for their new look. Inch by inch, Brian began with the underlays for each piece making sure they were cut perfectly to size before being married to the piece. Then, using the best hide, Brian began the process that would make them complete.

Using his years of experience in high-end retrimming, Brian stretch and secured the leather to the piece making sure at each point that the coverings sat flat and straight onto the original 1950s pieces. As you can see, the results are sensational just like the rest of the interior on this wonderful early car.

Refined – Retrimming the Seats of the 1956 Jensen 541

The Jensen 541 interiors are special. Each one entirely handmade with the best materials, all crafted and fitted by hand as it would have traditionally been done back at the factory. Kath, our in-house trim expert here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working on retrimming the front seats of the 1956 Jensen 541.

Those who have been following along will have seen the condition the seats originally came out of the car like. The foam and covering had all but rotted away to dust but the shells were in good condition and reusable. Kath and the trim team refurbished the shells and made brand newly fitted foams to sit inside the fibreglass buckets.

Now, it was time to trim them. On one of the original seat base was a tiny piece of the original leather. A dark, crimson red. This was the colour that was decided on, to be put back to original specification. Kath carefully matched the materials closest to the original colour to be sent to the owner for selection. Once that was decided on, Kath then began the process of getting the coverings cut to shape and fitted. Each piece was templated and the appropriate swatch of material was selected and cut for the job. Using adhesive, gentle heat and small stretching techniques Kath managed to get the covers in place.

The results are incredible. A wonderful testament to not only the skill and craftsmanship of our in-house trim team but to the timeless design of the 541.

Background Sounds – New Speakers and Speakerbox on the 1960 Jensen 541S ‘Peony Red’

Peony Red, the 1960 Jensen 541S, is reaching the end of its restoration and its pre-delivery inspection. So it’s time to get the last few finishing touches completed and in the car.

One of these systems that is being finished by our in-house trim experts is the sound system. Peony Red has got a modern stereo unit, although it is a classic-looking head unit it is thoroughly up to date. With that, it does require a set of new speakers.

Kath has been working on making new speaker boxes from scratch for the car. These were made from a simple wooden box but finished in matching carpet to the rest of the interior to blend into the car and be completely useable for her new owner.

Just because it’s a classic car, doesn’t mean you can’t have some of the modern luxuries. We think its a good balance of old and new in this stunning 1960 Jensen 541S