jensen interior restoration

Finishing Touches – Making the Tunnel Carpets for the 1960 Jensen 541S ‘Peony Red’

As part of Peony Red’s pre-delivery inspection, our in-house trim team have been busy finishing off parts of the interior. Mainly the tunnel carpet.

This Jensen 541 has been a long-loved restoration by us here at Bridge Classic Cars. Every department of our in-house restoration team has worked on this car in one way or another. Now, our trim shop is finishing off the last bits. Mainly it needed to have its transmission tunnel carpets finished.

The sound-deadening and insulation were fitted to the tunnel and then the templates could be made for the piece. After they had been cut, edged and fitted a small inspection flap needed to be carefully cut into the finished carpets for future use if ever needed. Kath carefully made a small ear from the matching carpet and trimmed it just like the other carpet to match and bring the whole piece together.

Next was the all-important tool tray. A unique piece of the Jensen 541, it lives underneath the glove box. The tray itself has been in our body and paint shop to make sure it looks absolutely perfect before it’s cover was made by Kath and fitted to the glovebox.

The interior of Peony Red looks absolutely sensational if we do say so ourselves.

In The Trim Shop: Jensen 541R Interior

Brian, one of our Classic Car Technicians who specialises in Interior Trim has been making superb progress on the interior of our 541R.

Brian has fabricated new footpanels with back supports screwed in. He’s also stripped down the old scuttle panels.

He’s cut new scuttle panels and drilled correctly placed holes.

Brian has dismantled the original under-dash panels and is making new under-dash panels from millboard. He’s stripped down the original door panel infills and trimmed in black leather. The attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully done, Brian.