jensen clutch

Black Jensen’s Clutch Retouch

The clutch pedal had worn where the clevis pin goes through which allowed for too much movement on the pedal, so the clutch was not releasing as it should.

The remedy was to weld up the elongated slot and re-drill it to the correct size, unfortunately, the whole pedal box had to be removed to do this operation.

The next step is to test the clutch and check its ready to hit the road again!

Dave’s Diagnosed Our Poorly Jensen 541R’s Gearbox Issue

Having come into the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop with severe running issues, Dave was tasked with taking a look at exactly what was causing the fault in this beautiful Jensen.

Suspecting the fault to be within the gearbox, dave lowered the gearbox out of the car. Upon closer inspection, it was clear to see the issue. The drive plate splines were not the correct size and specification for the Jensen’s gearbox.

A drive plate is a plate that fits onto the flywheel, which in turn is mated to the gearbox. The splines within the drive plate are machined to perfectly fit the flywheel. It appears that an incorrect drive plate has been fitted.

The next step will be to source a correct Clutch assembly. There is wear on the pressure plate so John has advised to replace this while the gearbox is out.