Jensen 541R specialist

Up Front – Trimming the Front Seats on the 1958 Jensen 541R

The Bridge Classic Cars trim team have been busy stripping down and retrimming the front seats of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

The team have stripped the seats all the way back and removed any old padding or coverings to begin to remake the seats to the customer’s specifications. Each piece has been completely hand-cut and made for the seats to ensure the best possible fit and finish for the car.

These were then put together over the modern foam backings to finish.

Centre Piece – Retrimming the Armrest of the 1958 Jensen 541R

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been making progress on the interior of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

The team have retrimmed the centre console/armrest on the classic Jensen. Each individual piece has been hand-cut and finished to give it the best possible fit. The team retrimmed the top piece in leather whilst the rest of the part is done in colour-matched vinyl as well as some of most of the others pieces from the interior of the car.

With The Current – Fitting a New 12 Volt Power Supply and New Float Arm on the 1959 Jensen 541R

The restoration workshop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working through the jobs on the 1959 Jensen 541R in with us. This time, it was fitting a new 12-volt power supply and fixing the issue with the fuel gauge.

Dave fitted a new auxiliary power supply underneath the dash of the classic Jensen for the owner.

Along with this, Dave has worked on resolving an issue with the fuel gauge. Upon inspecting the float arm inside of the fuel tank, he found it had a previous repair carried out. Once he removed the sender from the tank, the old repair actually fell apart in his hands. The issue was that the arm had actually seized in the sender unit and not giving the gauge reading. So, Dave got some new copper pipe and bent up an exact replica of the original and fit it into the sender.

Changes – Working on the Bonnet and Suspension of the 1958 Jensen 541R ”Navy”

The restoration technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have begun works on the 1958 Jensen 541R known to us as ‘Navy’.

The team began by carrying out several jobs on the rear axle of the classic Jensen. The rear axle strap required a repair to be carried out on it and along with that, repositioning of the brake pipe to a safe location on the rear axle.

The team then began working on preparing the front suspension to be stripped so the team can replace the perished bushes in the upper arms, making sure the front suspension is the best condition possible.

One issue that was noted by the owner of Navy, was that the one-piece fibreglass bonnet was interfering with the driver’s door when opened. The team began the process of adjusting the hinge in order to get the correct spacing and alignment for the panel and not contact the edge of the door.

Gone Through – Inspecting the 1958 Jensen 541R

The 1958 Jensen 541R ”Navy” has been into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for our team to inspect and report back on a few bits and pieces for its owner.

First off, the team have noticed a small oil leak coming from the front of the classic Jensen. Looking closer, our technicians Paul believes that this slight weap is coming from the front oil seal on the engine.

Next, Paul looked at a strong smell of fuel from the engine bay and found there to be a leak coming from the carburettors.

Also as part of the inspection of the classic Jensen, it was noted that the rubber bushes which form an important part of the suspension, have been to degraded. These are rubber and exposed to the elements so they do perish over time.