jaguar ss100

Workshop Welcome!

This week we’ve giving a warm welcome to some fantastic classics. Arriving in the workshop we’ve had a real mix, from a 1967 Jaguar MKII

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Getting To Work On Our SS100

Classic car technician Jonn has been starting work on our very special 1939 Jaguar SS100. His investigation was centred around some of the issues the owner of this beautiful classic car has reported to us.

Jonn also removed the stickers that have been placed on the car throughout its life. The removal was done with a heat gun after Jonn had taped the area to protect it. These have all been kept in a folder which will be returned to the owner to help keep a record of the history of this special Jaguar.

Workshop manager John also worked on our SS100 by repairing the wiper motor.

A Very Special Arrival

Earlier today, we welcomed an extremely special classic car to the workshop – our 1939 Jaguar SS100.

The SS100 was the successor to the SS90 and was given its name thanks to its top speed at the time of 100mph. It was one of the first cars to have independent front suspension and quickly became a hit when it was revealed at the 1936 London Motor Show. During the three years it was in production (1936 – 1939), it was very popular with racing enthusiasts as well as the rich and famous.

It could be argued that if it hadn’t been for the start of World War II, the SS100 would have had a much longer production run. However, it wasn’t until 1948 that Jaguar was finally able to release its next sports car – the XK120.

Our 1939 Jaguar SS100 has come to us to investigate a couple of issues the owner has been experiencing such as the brakes binding. As it has been driven around America and, all being well, will leave us to be driven around Ireland very soon – this 3.5-litre classic is certainly being used and enjoyed as it should be!

Workshop Welcome!

This week we’ve giving a warm welcome to some fantastic classics. Arriving in the workshop we’ve had a real mix, from a 1967 Jaguar MKII to a 1972 MG Midget.

First up, our beautiful 1951 MGTD joined the workshop this week to begin recommissioning work. She’s already had a service, a brake check, her electrics have been tended to and she’s even been treated to a thorough polish. We’re already in love with this stunning car!

Next in was our break-in survivor, our lovely 1967 Jaguar MKII. This pretty classic was broken into and is with us for back seat repair and some minor dent damage.

It’s such a shame to see a classic car purposefully damaged in this way. But, we have just the team to put her right and return her to her former glory.

Our brilliant little 1972 MG Midget came to us this week with a puncture and a cracked distributor cap. The team are going to get her repaired and back on the road in no time.

Our exquisite 1989 Jaguar XJRS TWR arrived this week for a full survey to see what work needs to be carried out by our expert classic car technicians. We’ll be keeping you posted with what we uncover in the next few weeks.

Another Jaguar arrival at the workshop this week, was our gorgeous 1963 Jaguar SS100. With us for a couple of light repairs noted on her latest MOT. We’ll be sure to have her driving smoothly once more.

So there you have it, a warm welcome to all our new arrivals this week. We’re now bursting at the seams with classic cars! There’ll be a busy few weeks ahead trying to get this beauties fixed up and back to their owners.