jaguar etype restoration

New Shoes – Fresh Tyres on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars team have managed to source a set of tyres for the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III known as Fern Grey.

Fern Grey will soon begin road tests and with that, we felt it needed a new set of tyres. At the request of the owner, we have sourced the closest we can get to the original tyres as possible but with a modern compound. Originally the tyres would have had a 215 section tyre but these tyres are a 205 section from Pirelli.

With tyres mounted thanks to Tyre Assist, our in-house restoration technicians can now move forward on the checklist before road testing this incredible one of a kind E Type.

Small change for Jag E-Type!

James has been busy repairing one of the protective covers for the brake and fuel lines, which sits underneath the back of the Jaguar E-Type V12. This one had gone misshapen and had some corrosion, from moisture being let in along a damaged edge, which is why it needed work doing to it. The other one is in much better condition.

James fabricated and spot welded the corroded one to get it back into its former glory!