Hudson Motor Company

HMC – Radiator and Water Pump off

The radiator has been removed and sent away to Sheldrake and Wells for further investigations.

Sheldrake & Wells Ltd. based in Ipswich, are now the only radiator specialist in Suffolk that undertake the repair and reconditioning of car, commercial and industrial radiators.

The company was formed back in 1975 and is now under the second generation of family management. Originally formed to provide repair and reconditioning of automotive and commercial radiators but over the years have increased the products to include number plate production and other related services including the supply of air conditioning parts and with over 500 units in stock.

We have worked alongside Sheldrake & Wells for many years and love the work they do!

Ady has also removed the water pump to replace with a new unit.

Over-heating issues continue on HMC

It appears that changing the thermostat has not resolved the issue of over heating. Having carried out various tests upon fitting the new thermostat we thought we had overcome the problem but no. The HMC is now back with us for further checks.

We will do some further investigations but this may be more serious than first thought. We will see…