A Rare Harley-Davidson Becomes The Most Expensive Motorcycle Sold At Auction

A 1908 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank has become the most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction.

The bike was discovered back in 1941 as a complete motorcycle in a barn in Wisconsin, USA. It stayed in Wisconsin for the next 66 years before being fully restored by Paul Freehill in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.

Included in the sale of this extremely rare motorcycle were the original tank, wheels, engine belt pulley, seat cover, and muffler sleeve.

In 1908, only 450 Harley-Davidson motorcycles were produced and it is thought that only around 12 of these still survive today. However, very few are as close to their original condition as this one.

The Strap Tank is also thought to be the earliest Harley-Davidson model you can own as the earlier prototypes have not survived like this rare bike has.

The 1908 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank was sold by Mecum Auctions in Las Vegas for a record-breaking $935,000. Although it was expected to do well at auction, even the team at Mecum Auctions were somewhat surprised by just how well it did. Greg Arnold is Mecum’s Motorcycle Division Manager and he said “We marketed the bike well, and Harley is by far the most famous American motorcycle brand so we had a feeling it would do well in auction, but obviously you are surprised anytime you sell the most expensive bike ever”

Up until this Harley-Davidson sold, the previous most expensive motorcycle sold at auction was a 1907 Strap Tank which sold for $715,000.

With the two most expensive motorcycles ever sold at auction being Harley-Davidson Strap Tanks, you can see just how valuable and desired these classic motorcycles are.

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