grand prix de france historique

2024 Grand Prix de France Historique

A few weeks ago on a beautifully sunny weekend, myself and a couple of friends attended the 2024 Grand Prix de France Historique at the famous Circuit Paul Ricard, in Le Castellet, France.  

This year’s event held a special significance as it honored the remarkable legacy of Ayrton Senna, the revered Brazilian F1 champion. It marked the 30th anniversary of his passing, reminding us of his enduring impact on the sport.  It featured several of his winning F1 cars in exhibition laps and a few tributes.

As per tradition, the weekend revolved around numerous races of different eras of Formula 1, Formula 2, Touring Cars and prototype Le Mans endurance cars.  It was full of adrenalin filled races with original unaltered engine noises and the occasional breakdown and crashes.  

A few dozen classic cars were on show around the grounds to add to the enjoyment and engagement of the day, but the focus was on the racing rather than line ups of cars to gaze at.