fk 1000

New Arrival – 1953 Ford Transit Van

An exciting delivery arrived at Bridge Classic Cars this afternoon. The team got to meet one of the first ever Ford Transit Vans, introduced originally in 1953 as an FK 1000 but later as a Taunus Transit from 1961.

It’s one of only three others in the world, one of which is at the Ford Heritage Centre in Essex. This one is particularly special because of it’s window surrounds, the only one of it’s type. It may remind you of the VW Transporter, which it was designed to rival.

It’s owner has tried everything from new carburettors to new coils, but it still just doesn’t run. “We’re going to take a closer look and find out what’s going on” explains our workshop manager John. “I predict the fault may be electrical.”

We’re hopeful that the Bridge Classic Car’s magic touch will have this special van on some great British road trips again very soon!