Heat Wrapping The TR5 Exhaust

Mauro has been heat-wrapping the Triumph TR5 exhaust using a Header Wrap. This is done to improve the exhaust flow and to reduce the risk of the Scavenging Effect. Scavenging occurs when the rush of the exhaust gas leaves the cylinder pulls in more fresh air and fuel.

It also lowers the temperature in the engine to reduce the risk of overheating. Wrapped headers will increase the torque and horse power by a small amount as well.

Little bits on the Lada

The Lada 1200 has had new seat belts added in the back. Our technician Paul has also modified the exhaust rear box to make it shorter as the original, which you cannot buy anymore, was too long.

Jensen 541R Bespoke exhaust images

Work continues on both of our gorgeous Jensen 541r’s. Below is a gallery of the custom fabricated exhaust that’s fitted to the 1957 Jensen 541r. Demand Engineering, one of the country’s best exhaust fabricators have made this beautiful stainless steel system for our Jensen.

The exhaust headers have been finished in a lovely satin black, heat resistant paint.