Repairing DB7 Ceiling Cloth

Classic car technician Brian has been busy repairing the ceiling cloth of a 2001 Aston Martin DB7.

After removing the old glue from the headliner board and material, Brian repaired the damaged areas of the board.

He then glued the new foam to the headliner board and cut out all the holes required before fitting the new material.

End Of The Road For DB7 Wheels

We recently sent off our Aston Martin DB7 Magnesium wheels to Wheel Care to be refurbished, however, we have been informed that the wheels may be too far gone to service and recover, and it made more sense to source new wheels.

Magnesium is a porous metal which means if the quality of them has already degraded. By blasting them, you risk uncovering much more than what looks to be on the surface. As you can see from our wheels, with the paint removed we are faced with the honest truth of just how much work will be involved.