Daimler Dart

Daimler Dart Roof in the Trim Shop

Kath has been busy in Bridge Classic Cars’ Trim Shop. She’s been working on our Daimler Dart hardtop refurbishment.

Kath started by removing the old headlining off and stripping back the surface. She then prepared with foam and primed brackets and cut new boarding for the edging to ensure a seamless, tight roof lining.

The next stage was applying the brushed nylon headlining.

The roof will now head over to the paint shop for fitting of the rubbers, a final polish and inspection.

1964 Daimler Dart Water Pump

Our 1964 Daimler dart, currently for sale at Bridge Classic Cars needed a new water pump. As with all the cars we present for sale, this vehicle was inspected by our classic car technicians. It was found to have a leaking water pump. As such, we’re replacing with a new water pump so the vehicle is in top condition ready for the vehicles next owner.