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daimler conquest convertible

Recommission work on our Daimler Conquest

Loads has been happening this week on our 1954 Daimler Conquest as we continue to work through the recommissioning process.

Some key activities include; securing the ignition switch into the dash. Jon has remove the reserve tank cable and blanked hole with a grommet. He has remove the carburettor suction chambers and pistons.

We have removed the float bowl tops and cleaned all parts. Then moving on to adjusted the float arms and checking the needle valves before refit. The jet depths have then be reset.

The carbs have been rebuilt and we have refitted the air filter, new spark plugs. The coolant has been drained too.

Jon has stripped the steering column centre and attended to a short circuit in the wiring loom inside the column.

Work continues on the steering column as we cut the wires to length and make new loom for horn and indicators. Make connections at horn push/indicator switch in centre of steering wheel.

Jon and John have rebuilt the loom down the shaft whilst Clinton went off to repair the split in the column tube.

Adjust ring inside steering wheel for indicator cancel function. Tap out the thread in the ring to secure and tap out the grub screw hole for securing centre to wheel.

We have then fitted the column tube, olive and securing nut to lower column and tightened in the correct position so indicator the switch was at the top of the steering wheel. Next up was to connect the wiring and test but the horn remained temperamental. The fault has been traced to the horn itself. We’ve now remove the horn and ordered a new one.

Finish grille top plate replacement and re-secure the grille.

We have tightened the bonnet catches each side and lubricated.

Wire in front fog lights. We’ve measured the lengths and madee twin core looms to run from the switch on the dash to each fog light before remove the fog lights and testing the bulbs. Both ok.

Jon has run wires along the existing loom and into the car, connecting them at the fog light ends and reassembling. The loom has been tested by connecting to the live feed from ignition, all ok.

Connect to fog light switch.

Make small wire from sidelight feed on back of light switch and connect to other side of fog light switch.

Turn on sidelights and test. Ok.

Connect the earth wire for interior fan and test.

Tighten offside mirror.

External work next. We have inflated the tyres, torque up the wheels and refitted the wheel trims.

The nearside window have been refitted and we have elongated the holes as the window catches on the A pillar. A bit more fettling required on this one.