Another Happy Winner

Last week we delivered our 1979 Chevrolet Corvette to a delighted Lee Bache in Southampton. After only buying a singular ticket for his first competition

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Another Happy Winner

Last week we delivered our 1979 Chevrolet Corvette to a delighted Lee Bache in Southampton. After only buying a singular ticket for his first competition entry at Bridge, Lee couldn’t believe his luck when his name and number was picked!

Lee told us he couldn’t wait to drive it around the New Forest, which we can be sure, will be a stunning drive to both experience and watch.

Lee was heard about Bridge Classic Car Competitions when his friend, Claudio, told him about the car giveaways. Claudio has entered multiple times with us and it was our characterful yellow Rover Mini that caught his eye. We love to hear stories of friends entering and getting involved with our competitions and can’t wait to see Lee and his friends enjoy this amazing motor.

Lee left a lovely review shortly after recieving his new motor:

“I’m writing this review because I’m telling you now that this is 100% real. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I had mixed emotions, never really participate in things like this. I used to put on football bets for a bit of fun on the weekend and won nothing, I think personally that I have better chances with better odds buying a ticket with these guys. I bought one ticket and mine was the lucky one. I’m so happy. My Chevrolet corvette was delivered this morning and it was a dream. The car is in mint condition. All the staff were very accommodating, answered the phone at any time of the day and gave me all the information I needed. I would strongly recommend Bridge Classic Cars to anyone. With tickets under £10 is nothing. OK, mine was £17.50 but at the end of the day, I own an American muscle car 💪 the buzz is amazing! Buy your tickets and you never know you could be a happy lucky winner like me.”

A big thank you to Claudio who also took some of the photos you see below – thanks for helping us capture this special moment!

If you fancy your chances at being our next classic car winner, check out our current motors! We’ve got two more charming red classics that could be yours for under £10!

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1992 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II

Corvette Has A New Home

Last night our 1979 Chevrolet Corvette was won by Lee Bache with his lucky ticket number 387. Our beautiful Red beast will be off to Southampton in the foreseeable future where we know it will look great driving those New Forest roads.

We’ve still got a great line-up of competition cars on our website such as the Range Rover, Daimler and BMW Z3M! Take a look below:

1979 Daimler Sovereign 4.2

1994 Range Rover TDI

1998 BMW Z3M

You can see the live draw from our Corvette giveaway here:

Chevrolet Corvette’s Nifty Fix

Our new competition car, the 1979 Chevrolet Corvette has come into the workshop for a small repair. We discovered there was an issue with the power steering wherein a leak had occurred. This was easily resolved by replacing cutting off the cracked part of the hose and reinstalling it as the component was long enough already to amend.

New Arrival – Chevrolet Corvette 1979

For the keen-eyed viewers among you, you may have seen teasers of this beautiful red beast on our socials. This 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3 will be a competition car in the near future. It’s having a pre-delivery service to ensure it’s running in perfect condition before we release it to be won.

It has a fascinating history, originating from Florida and being shipped over to the UK in 1991.

This muscle car holds a 5.7 litre C3 engine and can really pack a punch.

1979 saw the crossed-flag emblems introduced on the nose of the Corvette whereas previous models did not have this addition. Bucket seats from the 1978 model were carried forward and installed in the 1979 Corvettes.

Arriving to us this weekend in the pouring rain, we had a little drive but didn’t venture out too far. We’ll wait for dryer day…

Keep an eye out for a the release and full photoshoot coming soon!

1957 Jensen 541R Gearbox Repositioning

John has been working on our Jensen 541R Gearbox. This Tremec gearbox is mated to the Corvette engine given to this unique Jensen. To get the gear lever position perfect John has repositioned the whole gearbox forward for the ideal driving position.

Wonderful work, John!