classic reliant scimitar

Work Starts On A New Arrival

Classic car technician Steve has begun working on our 1979 Reliant Scimitar.

He started by investigating the brake master cylinder that was leaking fluid into the servo. The servo diaphragm was leaking air when the brakes were applied so both parts will need an overhaul.

The door switch contacts were found to be corroded so Steve dismantled these and cleaned them ready for reassembly.

Lydia then shaped and improved the fit on the front carpet mat, which allowed her to finish fitting this and glue it down. After this, she noticed that the rear seatbacks were faded and worn, so Lydia decided to replace them. She then refitted the handles and tacked them down at the edges to hold them in place.

Pre Delivery Inspection

Our 1973 Reliant Scimitar was won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions a little while ago now. However, the lucky winner has been out of the country so we have been looking after the car on his behalf.

Now that delivery is fast approaching, classic car technician Jonn has been giving the car its pre-delivery inspection to make sure everything is as it should be.

Jonn was pleased with our Scimitar so it is now ready to go to its new home.

Temperatures Are Soaring For The Scimitar

Dave, one of our expert technicians, discovered a faulty temperature gauge on the 1966 Reliant Scimitar last week.

“The sender unit needed replacing” he describes, “and the wiring was a mess, there were lots of splits and poor joins”. So, along with a replacement sender unit, the wiring has also been redone and thus the temperature gauge is working once more.

The Spotlight’s On The Scimitar

New indicators were fitted this week on the 1966 Reliant Scimitar, changing the old bulbs to LED.

“We had a problem with the new indicators,” explained workshop manager John. “There was feedback, so we switched to LED to make them brighter.”

The Scimitar is now as flashier than ever – great work John!