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Piece by Piece – Metalwork Continues on the 1978 MG B GT

The bodyshell of the 1978 MG B GT in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ has had more metal work repairs.

Rob, one of our restoration technicians, has been working his way methodically through the repairs needed to the car. The team have been working their way from the bottom to the top to make sure that everything is square and secure to the chassis. The biggest job tackled recently was remaking and resecuring the bottom of the drivers-side A-pillar which was heavily corroded and was allowing a lot of flex through the inner wheel arch and many of the pickup points for the door.

Along with that, Rob has finished welding the new door skin to the repaired door frame for the passenger side of the car. And with that, could bolt the door up to the car to double-check fitment and alignment.

Tracked and Ready – Tracker Fitted to the 1975 MGB GT V8 and Loaded Up for Its New Home

With the 1975 MGB GT V8 off to its new home with its lucky winner Roger, the team at Bridge Classic Cars organised having a state of the art tracker fitted to the classic MGB for security.

It’s a request we are getting more and more frequently to fit trackers to the classic cars that come through our restoration workshop. So, we work closely with a specialist company who instal and set up the system into the cars for their owners.

With the tracker secured and hidden in the car, the team could load up the classic V8 sports car into our enclosed trailer for the journey to its new home.

From Scratch – Refurbishing the Soft Top on the 1978 MGB GT

The sunroof for the 1978 MGB GT is on the workbench of the trim shop here at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ and it needs more work than first thought.

Lydia had been working on entirely refurbishing the soft top for the Blaze Orange MGB. As she began to disassemble the piece, the metal railings literally started to crumble in her hands. So, with that, she worked on getting everything broken down into its components and went to our fabrication department to make new rails for the soft top.

Once these had been made and given back to Lydia, she could start to put the refurbished soft top back together and safely put into storage for when our body team have finished the metal repairs on the sports car.