classic mgb GT

Ready For Competition

Our 1980 MGB GT will soon be available to win through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. However, before that happens, classic car technician Jonn has been

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One Last Photoshoot

As our 1978 MGB GT is leaving us again, after returning for some repairs to the paint and the engine, we thought it would be great to take some photos of this beautiful classic car before it goes back to its owner.

It has come a long way since it first arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and we are very happy to see it in its finished form.

Ready For Competition

Our 1980 MGB GT will soon be available to win through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. However, before that happens, classic car technician Jonn has been making some repairs and improvements to this eye-catching classic car.

A new wing mirror base plate was fitted and the mirror secured in place. Jonn also fitted a new horn/indicator stalk.

The paintwork where the radiator mounts was cleaned and the fan guard was removed for painting. Once this was painted, it was re-fitted and now looks much improved.

In The Workshop – 1980 MGB GT

Everyone here at Bridge Classic Cars loves an MGB. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that another one has recently arrived at the workshop.

This stunning orange 1980 MGB GT is certainly an eye-catching car and we know that it will be a popular addition to someone’s garage in the near future. Until then though, it will spend a bit of time with the workshop team making sure everything is as it should be.

Just Arrived – 1967 MGB GT

The latest addition to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop is our 1967 MGB GT.

It has come to us for an appraisal and possible further work depending on what our team of classic car technicians find during their assessment.

Everyone here loves a classic MG and this one will certainly get its fair share of attention while it is with us.

Once an initial assessment has been completed, a detailed plan of action for the future of this beautiful classic car will be made.

In Place – Adjusting the Doors, Fitting Ball Joints and Fixing the Exhaust on the 1968 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting a few bits and pieces from the 1968 MG B GT in the right place.

The team have adjusted the door on the classic MG to perfectly line up on the request of the owner. Our technician Jon has got the two pieces of trim to meet perfectly and look uniform down the flanks of the classic sports car.

From there, Jon could move on to to replacing some of the rubber bushes in the suspension of the classic MG B. These had perished and begun to split, so were replaced.

The owner had noted the exhaust was hanging very low on the car. Upon inspection, Jon had found the exhaust itself was in good condition but the mounts and hangers had been fitted incorrectly on the car previously. After rectifying the problem, the exhaust was now neatly tucked up underneath the car.

Clean Down – Cleaning Up the Engine and Gearbox from the 1978 MGB GT

With the bodywork on the 1978 MGB GT currently happening in the Bridge Classic Cars body shop, the restoration technicians in the workshop have taken the opportunity to clean up the engine and gearbox in preparation to go back in the car at a later date.

Our technician Rob has completely steam cleaned both the engine block, cylinder head and gearbox of the classic MGB. After plugging up any oil galleys and vital ports (as well as the exposed valvetrain), he could use our high pressured steam clean to knock the years of dirt and road grime off the 4 cylinder powertrain from the car.

Once thoroughly cleaned and dried, the engine and gearbox were put back together and stored ready for when the restoration calls for the drivetrain and the body to meet again.

Taking Care – Teardown of the Blaze Orange MGB GT

The in-house restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars have been busy carefully dismantling this beautiful Blaze Orange MGB GT.

Mauro, has been put in charge of removing all the trim, glass and panels from the MGB GT for it to be inspected by our other in-house teams to find out what the future holds for this iconic fastback.

Expect to see more on this bright orange sports car soon on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Setting an Example – The Incredible History File on the 1974 MGB GT

Bridge Classic Cars sometimes have the unique opportunity to look deep inside the stories of the cars that come into our Suffolk workshop.

This extensive and fastidious history file belongs to the 1974 MGB GT currently in our workshop. The file tells the story of the last 33 years of this amazing sports cars life.

It details annual mileages, expenditure, engineers inspections, MOT certificates, parts invoices, bills of sale, you name it.

Such diligent record keeping is a beautiful thing to see on a classic car. Carefully documenting previous bodywork and paint done to the car in the mid-1990s, down to assessments by some of the most reputable MGB specialists in the country to make sure the car was properly cared for.

It also features a timeline of every piece of work carried out from 1989 to 2021 in chronological order. It is truly amazing!