Classic MG TD

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These two beauties will soon be joining us here at Bridge Classic Cars. On the left we have our speedy 1967 Trident Venturer and on

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More New Pieces – Handmade Pieces for the Interior of the 1952 MG TD

The interior of the 1952 MG TD had had several more hand-made pieces crafted by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

Lydia and Brian have been working on completely replacing the carpet set in the classic MG with new material in the closest colour possible to the original. Each of the pieces for the car has been measured and made from the original pieces as a template in order to achieve the best fit. Countless times each individual part was test fit into the car before being hand edged and bound.

In Summary – 1952 MG TD

With the 1952 MG TD project finished, Bridge Classic Cars thought we would take this time to talk about this incredible classic sports car.

This MG TD only had to have a single repair done to its roof. Upon inspection by our restoration technicians, that was the only item that needed attention. Everything else on the 70-year-old sports car was in amazing condition thanks to its full restoration in 1978 and the regular maintenance given to it by its previous owners.

Soon, everyone will get to find out just what is happening with this 1952 MG TD next very soon…

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1952 MG TD

The latest car up grabs from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is this beautiful 1952 MG TD.

The Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team took this stunning little sports car out to the airfield to do its photoshoot. This car is a true reminder for any enthusiasts about the joy of driving, the elegant simplicity of these early sports cars.

As the chirpy 4 cylinder engine buzzed along the runway, the whole team couldn’t help but smile as the classic sports car drove through the forest near our storage facility, The Hangar.

Now, it’s your chance to get a hold of this beautiful little car. Simply click the link below and get your tickets for the 1952 MG TD.

Click here to enter the 1952 MG TD competition.

This Just In – 1952 MG TD

Bridge Classic Cars have welcomed the newest arrival to our workshop here in Suffolk. This beautiful 1952 MG TD, finished in glossy black with a contrasting green interior.

The car has come in to be assessed by our in-house restoration teams to find out what if anything this incredible little sportscar needs to be back in top shape for its future.

Keep a lookout here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on this wonderful 1952 MG TD.

MG TD Service Results

Scott has carried out a service on our MG TD and found that it only needs its rear left wheel cylinder replacing as it was leaking. Other than that, its had the normal checks, oil changed and been re-greased so once the wheel cylinder is replaced, its good to go again!

MG TD In For Service

This pristine 1952 MG TD is back in for a service and a check over. Stay tuned to see what may need to be done on this lovely classic.

Transporter Road Trip

Our trusty transporter hit the road again this weekend to delivery our fantastic 1971 Rover P5B back to her owner.

Soon to be used as the bridal carriage for his daughters wedding, the Rover has had some much needed TLC from the team at Bridge including a full service to ensure she’s immaculate for the big day.

We then did a straight swap for this gorgeous red MG TD, also coming to Bridge Classic Cars for some restoration work. We’re looking forward to having this beauty in the workshop. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Our covered transporter is a super secure way to transport valuable classics, especially open top cars as it protects them en route from all the elements. Get in touch if you need your pride and joy taken from A to B in style!

Coming Soon…

These two beauties will soon be joining us here at Bridge Classic Cars.

On the left we have our speedy 1967 Trident Venturer and on the right, it’s our lovely 1951 MG TD.

The trident is coming to us for a sympathetic restoration. It’s going to have a respray and although we’re not fibreglass experts here, because we’ve dealt with lots of Jensens over the years, we’ve become quite accustomed to paintwork on fibreglass.

The MG TD is coming to us for a full service, so we can iron out any issues and ensure she’s good to continue her travels.

We’re looking forward to welcoming them both, but which of these red classics would you choose?